Thursday, September 27, 2012

Olympic Inquiry - All presented!

It has taken a while but we have all finally been able to present our Olympic Inquiry...

Josh and Thomas created their very own lego Olympic Stadium and shared a lot of very cool interesting information and facts that we did not know before...


Year 6 Technology created Companies and a Product....

On Tuesday the four Year 6 Technology Companies opened their SALE - it had been a full on couple of days in preparation, not to mention the two terms of planning, revising and preparing their process and product for their target market!

The companies were:

Sweet Tooth

Baking Busters

Sweet As

Cluster Candy

Each company was lead by a CEO and had a Production Team, Marketing Team and Packaging Team.

Year 6 would like to say a special thanks to Mrs Marks and the Room 2 Year 7's for all their help this week.

They would also like to thank all those that came to the SALE and supported their work - they hope you enjoyed your purchases.

Each company is in the process of making more products for those that have ordered them - they will have them with you ASAP.

Every company made a profit - even after paying back the bank (Miss Mutch) for their set up loans.  They are all in the process of deciding what to do with their profits...

Our Year 7 helpers with Baking Busters:

Some happy customers:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Saying goodbye to Ms Taylor...

Sadly we have to say goodbye to our student teacher, Ms Taylor, today.  She has been with us for five weeks.

It has been great having her in our classroom, we have learnt so much, had so much fun and just enjoyed spending time with her.

We all wish her the very best for the future and hope that she will pop back in to visit us from time to time...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ashley School Showcase 2012

What a fantastic night everyone had last night at the school Showcase!  We have a lot of very talented young people throughout our school.

The senior school did an awesome job - you guys ROCK!  I am not sure that you all know how awesome you are?  Often I think that you take for granted how talented you are and how wonderful you are at stepping up, taking on a challenge and doing an incredible job!  I would challenge you to find another a group of 9 - 13 year olds who can create their own band and play for your classes to sing a long to!  This is not as easy as it looks and you all did a great job.  Great script writing, prop making, costume making, acting, singing, dancing, stage management and so wonderful to see you all participating and contributing...  Awesome REACH values!!!

A huge thank you to our student teachers Emma and Shelagh and our wonderful Vicky and Ang for all their help and support.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Years 6,7 & 8 Quad School Speech Competition

Yesterday the Quad School Speech Competition was held for the Year 6,7 & 8's.  It was great to have Sefton, North Loburn and Loburn schools with us.  As ever the competition was close and I was blown away by the content and presentation of all the speeches.  We had Owen Patterson here to judge the competition and to record the speeches for Compass FM.

Well done to all those who presented their speech today and a special yeah(!) and well done and congratulations to Lily McCormick Year 6 for her 1st Place and to Rachael Parkinson 1st place and Cameron Page 2nd place, both Year 8!  Great work from all of you.

I was also really impressed by our audience, most of whom were Room 1 and 2, they showed great respect throughout the 2 hour competition by sitting quietly. listening carefully and encouraging every person who presented - awesome job Rooms 1 & 2!

Friday, August 31, 2012

MainPower Primary School Coaching - Volleyball

We had Fraser and Stacey from MainPower Primary School Coaching here today. 
Every Friday over the next five weeks we will be learning the fundamental skills needed to play volleyball - We love it and it is great fun working together - we are communicating, moving and thinking...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Speeches 2012

Well done to everyone on Room 2 - you ALL did an awesome job on your speeches!!  I was so proud of you all.  You all put so much work on to your speeches and it showed - you need to give yourselves a big pat on the back!!

A special well done to Josie, Maegan, Lily, Madi and Dana and good luck for next weeks School competition...