Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Years 6,7 & 8 Quad School Speech Competition

Yesterday the Quad School Speech Competition was held for the Year 6,7 & 8's.  It was great to have Sefton, North Loburn and Loburn schools with us.  As ever the competition was close and I was blown away by the content and presentation of all the speeches.  We had Owen Patterson here to judge the competition and to record the speeches for Compass FM.

Well done to all those who presented their speech today and a special yeah(!) and well done and congratulations to Lily McCormick Year 6 for her 1st Place and to Rachael Parkinson 1st place and Cameron Page 2nd place, both Year 8!  Great work from all of you.

I was also really impressed by our audience, most of whom were Room 1 and 2, they showed great respect throughout the 2 hour competition by sitting quietly. listening carefully and encouraging every person who presented - awesome job Rooms 1 & 2!

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