Thursday, September 27, 2012

Year 6 Technology created Companies and a Product....

On Tuesday the four Year 6 Technology Companies opened their SALE - it had been a full on couple of days in preparation, not to mention the two terms of planning, revising and preparing their process and product for their target market!

The companies were:

Sweet Tooth

Baking Busters

Sweet As

Cluster Candy

Each company was lead by a CEO and had a Production Team, Marketing Team and Packaging Team.

Year 6 would like to say a special thanks to Mrs Marks and the Room 2 Year 7's for all their help this week.

They would also like to thank all those that came to the SALE and supported their work - they hope you enjoyed your purchases.

Each company is in the process of making more products for those that have ordered them - they will have them with you ASAP.

Every company made a profit - even after paying back the bank (Miss Mutch) for their set up loans.  They are all in the process of deciding what to do with their profits...

Our Year 7 helpers with Baking Busters:

Some happy customers:

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  1. Mrs Marks & Myself got to eat some yummy goodies from year 6.
    We would like to say well done to you all.
    Thank you Tanya :)